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8 Reasons Why You Should Date A Biker

The badass guys/girls of the dating world, typically need no introduction. With adrenaline in their veins and wind in their hair, they are the ultimate catch in this ever so boring world.

Here are 10 reasons why you *should* date one...

1. Adventure runs through their blood

These adrenaline addicts, look for adventures like a junkie looking for their next hit. At times you’ll literally ride into the sunset with them, other times, there will be snow storm waiting.

*happy dance*

2. Can withstand adversity like a pro

They endure extreme weather and extreme living conditions – ALL THE TIME! Bad roads, landslides, icy roads and sometimes, no roads. They keep going through despite busted tires and minor pit falls.

You name it and they can take care of it.

*Attraction level – Overboard!*

3. Your dates will be better

Candle light dinner is good, but a date under the stars, is always better. Be prepared to go for rides at odd hours to odd places. Sometimes, you’ll wake up in the mountains and have dinner at the beach.

*Day dreams*

4. Humbleness is their Super Power

From upscale restaurants to roadside dhabas, your date will happily eat anywhere with you. You don’t need to impress them with materialistic things or achievements. A genuine smile and interesting company is enough.

5. They live in the moment

They know the value of small gestures and beautiful moments. Bad things happen to good people on the road at times, in return, they learn to value the fragility of life.

6. They’re Adaptable

They always and I mean always have a contingency plan for every situation. You won’t worry about bad weather or bad roads, ill timed breakdowns and what not, there will always be a Plan B, sometimes, even better than plan A.

7. Wild Child

This will be one special guy/girl. Mysterious and unpredictable, they’ll keep you coming back for more. And, just when you’ll think that you have figured them out, they’ll pull the rug from under your feet.

Expect, the unexpected, always and every time!

8. No excess baggage

They travel light, figuratively and metaphorically. They won’t dwell after irrelevant stuff. They leave their demons behind, and if you’re going for a ride with them, I suggest you leave it behind too.

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