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Dear Audrey

2017 is finally coming to an end. It was a weird year of sorts, I think. Trump became POTUS; Delhi was engulfed by a deadly smog; ‘La La Land’ almost won the Best Picture Oscar and so on. I am not a big fan of this year, personally. I’d like to rewrite the entire year, if given a chance. I started this article as an ode to why 2017 sucked and what I would like to change in 2018. Such clichéd  stuff, really.

And as I was thinking about it all, in a dramatic fashion my cell phone rang and there they were- a series of texts from my estranged best friend. I’d call her Audrey, it means someone of a noble strength. Apt, I’d say! The messages were heartfelt and heartbreaking, at the same time. I suddenly realized that I had let petty issues come between us. Even though I am not vocal about it, she means a lot to me. She's my person. The Meredith to my Cristina Yang.

I have always admired and loved her for what she is. She is idiotic and lazy. I get pissed off at times by her absent mindedness, but that doesn't take away the fact that she is one of the rare individuals with moral courage and integrity. I only know two or maybe three people who fit that description. I would have been a bigger idiot, if I had let go of someone like that.

I am sure all of you, might have faced similar situations too, where time, mis-communications and distance altered old friendships and rendered them to dust. I had given up on this friendship too, but luckily, she hadn’t.

I am going to do my part now and tell her how much she means to me, and I hope this holiday season, you will text, call or whatever (yay technology), that one friend too. 

(Plays Elastic Heart by Sia in the background)

So here it goes…

Dear Audrey,

                    How have you been? How has life been treating you all this while? I hope it was kinder on your side. I hope you didn’t have to deal with psychopaths or sociopaths of any kind. I wish I was there to have this conversation in person, but I guess, I’ll have to do with the world wide web for this time, at least.

I know that we can’t be with each other all the time. Different time zones, different lifestyles and different what not(s). It’s not even practical in today’s world. And, I have pledged myself to this great initiative called ‘practicality’, for 2018. I am stepping down from my fantasy land (only for a little while). But, I can promise that no matter what or where you are in life, literally and metaphorically, I will always be there for you. Always!

You are my Nakama, after all.

I am just one text, call, video call, message in a bottle away for you. And, as someone nice once said to me, “I might not be what you need, at times, but I can always provide you with a glass of whiskey to drink and a shoulder to cry on.”

I hope we get to have that, much needed, drink soon. I’ll save the rest for that meeting.

Hope to see you soon.

I miss you and I love you too.

Your best friend,



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