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Flashbacks And The Future

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

Flash back : 31st December, 2017, me and my best friend (read: gullible idiots) are celebrating on New Years Eve. Hoping that the end of 2017 will not only mark the end of a total ‘bullshit and couldn’t have sucked more year’, but will also somehow make our shitty lives a little better. Ha!

Maybe the Gods heard us, mocked us, and thought of teaching us a lesson and Boom! 2018 happened. And wow, I am not even going to get into the details, but it sucked! 

Brief Summary 

Professional Life - haha

Personal Life - hahaha 

If 2017 was all about making mistakes, 2018 was all about dealing with the aftermath. And that, ain’t no fun. Nope!

So, as the circle of life spins again and I am standing at the precipice of another changing calendar year, why am I still excited about it? Why am I still hoping that 2019 would be different and that it won’t be a drag?

Because that’s exactly the thing that I learnt this year; no matter what happens, life will go on.

You will move on and emerge stronger and better than ever. If not, you’ll develop an iron clad sense of humour, at the very least.

When faced with actual battles (whether it be losing your job, significant other or a parent), you will find the courage to face it and beat it with a baseball bat (or any weapon of your choice, really).

You will emerge as a winner, sooner or later. You don’t really have a choice out there now, do you?

And then get ready to go around the carousel once again.

And again.

And so on, till you die...

(This isn’t meant to be discouraging at all!)

In the hindsight, my sense of humour is still as shitty as last year and the year before.

‘excusez moi’

Enough about me now.

How did 2018 impact your life? 

Was it good? Bad? Or just plain old vanilla?!?

(That is a thing)

If you have an interesting story to tell, please write to us at and if we like your story, we hope you don’t mind us re-posting it here.

For everyone else, I hope 2019 is less fucked up than 2018 and you make use of your mind, body, and wallet to the maximum extent. 

May you go on that perfect date; get rid of stupid old habits (be it smoking, substance abuse,or that crazy ass ex); and make enough money to travel as far and wide as possible.

And, if the road gets rough, may you find something to laugh at or even better, someone to laugh with.

Happy Holidays! 


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