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Love: 0 | Society: 1

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

Love, already the most complicated word in the entire world, gets a kick-ass, masala-esque twist in India, when you add things like caste, creed, religion and the ever so gossiping aunties to the mix. If deciphering your loved ones’ tumultuous mood swings wasn’t tough enough, in this lovely country, you have to rebel against your parents and the society and sometimes the government too.

Curious about the government part? Think about border control, visa restrictions, diplomatic policies between countries and so on. When your purpose of visit changes from tourism to visiting a loved one. The entire game changes and the 'REJECTED' stamp starts adorning your beautiful passport at times. They say that your loved ones are often just a flight away. For some they are a few continents, a rigid visa policy and lots and lots of miles away.

Lovers - 0 : Government - 1

*So glad to be single*


But living in the same country or city isn’t enough for the others.

I, unfortunately, know people, who had to break up because they were tired of fighting against ‘the norm’. A perfect for each other, Hindu-Muslim couple, never realized their full potential because, um, religion is ‘apparently’ more important than how morally sound the guy was. A Parsi college mate of mine, was compelled to break up with his Hindu girlfriend, you know why? Because otherwise, his entire family would have been expelled from their ‘home’ in the Parsi colony. My own best friend is in love with a Catholic guy, only God (don’t ask me which one) knows how that will end. I hope it will be less bloody than the Crucifixion of Jesus.

Love: 0 | Society: 1

It doesn’t end there though, luckily if the religion is the same, the caste problem comes up. A Tamilian Brahmin and a Kumaoni Rajput together! What nonsense? We don’t approve of such unearthly couplings. *rolls her eyes*

It’s just plain sad that compatibility is based on the location of your birthplace or your great grandfathers surname, whether or not they make you laugh isn’t even considered.

And, the cherry on the cake? Social and financial status!

I have friends whose parents won’t approve of their girlfriends/boyfriends because, well, ‘they don’t match up to our standards’. ‘Standards’, that word makes me laugh. I hope your children are able to live a happy, content life with these supposed standards. Standards are very important to sail through the ups and downs of life!

*Ofcourse, I am being sarcastic*

And if somehow, you are lucky enough to have all that in your stride, ‘EGO’ comes in between. I won’t even bother writing about that.

I guess, I finally understand, why most of the people I know have already given up the fight or the will to fight anymore, and why most of them are okay with being in an arranged marriage setup. Not that I am against it or anything but the hopeless romantic in me, still hopes for more.

Because like magnets, opposites attract.

Irrespective of the filters stated above, sometimes a girl meets a guy, and sparks fly.

And, then, the fight to survive, begins.

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