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Mr. Silent Mode

There are two kinds of people in the world:

The easy to read, open books;

And the others like You-

My favorite kinds; the mysterious types.

Its people like you whose gestures speak louder than words,

Whose love translates into a language

I might not hear, but feel at times.

People who don’t barter away the word ‘love’, carelessly.

Recently, I caught myself sitting exactly like you do,

Have borrowed a few words from your lingo too.

I had no idea that I was mirroring ‘YOU’.

I rarely get enamored by someone,

But with you, it’s always love at first sight.

There’s something about that silent gaze of yours

When you are observing everyone around,

I can almost feel your eyes caressing me at times.

We have long conversations together, both funny and weird

About quarter life crises and financial situations.

Why Hobbits are stupid, why we like red lights?

Gossip about that random couple we know

And what scares you out about me the most.

The depth inside of you,

Oblivious to others, only surrendered to me.

A part of you that only remains mine.

But can I tell you a secret?

Your body language betrays you at times,

It tells me when you get anxious and when you need a hug.

The way you hold your cigarette speaks more about your feelings,

Than your words ever do.

I am writing this for everyone who gets labelled as ‘the introverted guy’,

Like it’s a flaw.

Just because you don’t like to talk about yourself and gloat.

And why is life all about playing that game of ‘One-upmanship’ with everyone?

Isn’t there so much more to do?

Even if it is that game, doesn’t the legend proclaim

that the silent one in the room, is often the strongest too?

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