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Myself, 2.0

Have you ever found an old photograph or a letter from self,

Written ten or so years back, and wondered…

Whatever the hell, happened to the Old You?

The old, carefree, optimistic You-

now buried down with responsibilities and work?

Or were you, maybe, one of the underdogs in school,

whose life has changed for the better?

No more bullying, mean cliques, and other shit to handle?

Has the change been positive or negative?

Is, myself 2.0, an upgrade, if not,

What’s Holding You Back?

The past 10 years could have been glorious or difficult

Some must have welcomed spouses and babies,

Others might have lost close family and friends.

Growing up is about the wrinkles, receding hairlines and protruding bellies;

Who said so?

It’s rather also about- Letting go and upsurging on the emotional front.

So, are you wiser than before?

Or still stuck in the same old vicious circles of Life?

Did you find love, Lost it, and found the strength to love again? Are you still battling the issue of low self-esteem and eating disorders

Or have you learned to Love Yourself? Did you ever make a bucket list?

And if yes, how many things have you checked off- - -

Some? Good.

None? What the hell are you waiting for? Everything? I am fucking jealous!

Make a new list, now…

Surely, most of you live in different cities

Or maybe even different countries.

The lucky ones still have the same set of old friends;

The luckier ones- found their tribe, wherever they went! Life is about moving forward, after all.

Regardless of everything that has gone-by,

I sincerely hope that the flame inside of you is still shining bright,

And that your individuality is intact in this ever so pretentious world.

Hopefully, you are still holding on to some of the innocence from your childhood, The rebellious, ‘never say die’ attitude of your teen-age and,

The new-found freedom and courage of adulthood.

I finally hope,

Above all, you recognized yourself as your foremost friend and companion

The one who will never abandon you or make excuses,

The one who will always be there-

Cheering you, irrespective of whether you win or lose.

And if not…

What Are You Waiting For?

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