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Need, Desire, Want.

Updated: Feb 27, 2018

It's probably the loneliest feeling in the world

When your emotions are overflowing on the inside,

Desire. Wish. Want. Longing.

Need. Miss. Require.

But, you have to maintain your façade on the outside.

You maintain your composure.

Just smile at the object of your affection.

When you would rather touch their soul.

Connect. Taste. Hold.

Maybe, tousle his perfectly set hair too.

Straighten that collar, a little.

Just thinking about it makes me shiver a little,

I wonder if someone ever died from Euphoria,

For it's almost ready to claim-

The first victim.

As I sit, and write about this, ever so weary topic. It makes me think of everyone, that I know of, who was/is in love or just plainly infatuated with the wrong person. A club I am also unwittingly part of.

Now, you must be wondering what makes someone right or wrong.

In my opinion, sometimes, the person is right but the circumstances, wrong. Other times, unfortunately, it's the wrong person, altogether. I have a friend, who knows her boyfriend is her worst nightmare, but she's unable to break free. She keeps making emotional decisions over logical ones, but can I truly judge her? I am walking on a similar path right now.

Yes, similar but not the same.

The guy is right, the circumstances? WRONG!

As I fail to control my emotions, I wonder what can be done to soothe, ones aching heart. Do you distract yourself? Ignore your fluttering heartbeat?

Moreover, how do you distract yourself? Watch Netflix and chill? Read a book? Go to the gym?

What the bloody fuck, do you do?

Has anyone figured out the answer yet?

*In the meanwhile*

Plays 'Shoulda' by Jamie Woon and goes to sleep.

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