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The Emotional Stockmarket

Updated: Feb 4, 2018

To endow your emotions in a new relation is as risky as investing your money in the market. Why do I say so? Okay, recently, I downloaded an app on the recommendation of an acquaintance. The app enables me to deposit an x amount of money in my app account and invest it on xyz product. Now, I have constant notifications regarding when the prices of the product go high and when they fall.

After depositing 5k in my account I waited for five days, and expected the product prices to fall before I risked my money on it. After five days of patient wait, I just saw the prices shoot up by almost two million. And the prices of the same product, as I have known, have risen almost by 10 million in the past 3 months. After several thoughts, I realized that if I keep waiting, my 5k will remain 5- without any increase or decrease. On the sixth day’s morning, I kept my fears of risking it aside, and invested my money anyhow.

The results: on the seventh day I saw a profit of 260 bucks!

Now, getting back to my logic of emotions in a new relation- my life’s experiences have made me a calculative person, in general. And in fancy terms I like to call it ‘trust issues’. So, with this mind full of umpteen fears and what if(s), I met him. Let’s call him Ace. How I would like to describe our first meet - attraction at first sight!

He looked like an intriguing investment. You know one of those schemes, which really catches your eyes… and rest is unnecessary, boring paper work.

But, emotional investments are subjected to heartbreak risks. And after losing a high amount, when I’d invested myself in the previous guy, I guess my fears regarding Ace, were pretty justified.

And what I noticed about my ways, this time was- I was more brutal on Ace, than he deserved. Questioning every move he made. He is too interested, he understands me way too much and he seems just too profitable for my personal emotional health- he is definitely untrue!

Long cut short, all his positives played an alarming, negative tone in my head. What goes up definitely will come down. Simple logics of how the market works.

But, should we be really judging our present circumstances on the basis of what has already happened? How true is it that History will end up repeating itself? And if life is The Shawshank Redemption then what role do you choose to play? Would you be James Whitmore, pen down your name and finish it all; or be Tim Robbins and dig a way out of your misery?

Post unconsciously pushing him away and waiting for his one flaw (the fall in his worth) for two months- I realized that this way- I won’t go anywhere. Nor will I get to know if he is real or not if I did not risk it.

And what if he is THE GUY? I would have regretted letting go.

The ‘what if(s)’ just have one solution- Dive In!

I chose to be Tim Robbins.

And did we get anywhere? Well, I definitely earned a lot, post the plunge (let’s keep that bit censored). And we are still going good. I do not have an idea regarding how much I will end up earning…

But, I think that I will gain more than what I have already lost.



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