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The 'Ghost Town' - Kuldhara

The legends that surround Kuldhara are nothing short of astonishing and so is the experience of walking through the ruins of this once prosperous village.

Situated 18 km away from Jaisalmer, the abandoned village is a mystery lovers paradise. 

According to the local legend 200 years ago, Paliwal brahmins who were the original inhabitants of the village, abandoned it overnight to protect the honor of a village daughter from the evil ruler Salim Singh. They even cursed the village to deter reoccupation. It has been said that whoever tried repopulating the village was driven mad by haunted spirits. Paranormal activity has been reported by several people in the area till date. Even though we don’t believe in the Paranormal activity part, we still think Kuldhara makes an interesting place to visit and experience the general eeriness in the air, after midnight, of course.

Lodurva Jain Temple with its exquisite architecture can also be visited on the way to Kuldhara,sitting in all its glory in another abandoned villaged called Lodurva. It is also a popular Jain pilgrims for Jains from Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Now maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India as a heritage site, Kuldhara is set to get developed by the state of Rajasthan into a tourist spot. Go there before it becomes commercialized and loses its charm.  

It can easily be reached by booking a cab from the city of Jaisalmer or by those traveling with their own vehicle. Recommended time for photography enthusiasts is before dark and for those looking for an adventure, Kuldhara can be your perfect playground after dark.

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