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The Ugly Side Of Travelling

To quote Maroon 5, “Its not always rainbows and butterflies, its compromise that moves us along.” Though, the song in context is about something else altogether, it still perfectly sums up a traveller's life too.

Find it hard to believe? After all, how can ‘the rich people's’ profession be about anything other than having fun, and frolicking around exotic locations and people? Recently, a friend mentioned how most travellers are nothing but spoiled, little brats who don’t know how else to spend their parents money. Right, spoiled little brats we are, but what about the Officer who opted to ride a second hand bike while earning a salary of over Rs. 12 lacs per annum, because every dime of his savings goes into travel? Who doesn't even own a television set because well, that money could be spent into buying a ticket to somewhere new. Someone who thinks about travel with his every breath.

Travelling is also about lost luggages, long hauls, missed inter connecting flight, train or bus connections. Sleeping on the floor is considered a luxury. Having access to basic sanitary needs is utopia. Being grilled and denied entry into a country despite a valid visa, only because of a stamp from another country.

Like most things in life, travelling has its dark side too. Ever so often, accidents happen, people get robbed, conned or stabbed, develop sudden illnesses, have panic attacks, and the list goes on. Bad things can happen to good people on the road.

Reminds me of a friend who fractured her hand somewhere in Ladakh. The brave soul had no access to hospitals or even an allopathic Doctor for miles and miles, but guess what? She went through the entire ordeal with a smile on her face, and is happily back on the road again.

But still, they go on, against all the discouragements that can be, physical or psychological. Brushing all the negatives aside, they again get ready to walk on unknowns paths with a smile on their face. This one is for all the travellers, may the odds ever be in your favour, spark in your eyes and a heart full of memories when your journey ends.


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