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10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Traveller

Travelers, travellers and other digital nomads are like the Wile E. Coyote of the dating world. Misunderstood beyond comparison. He was not malicious, just hungry. We are not 'unreliable' or 'unavailable', just a little too busy - chasing our dreams. So, in defence of every member of the Travellers' Brethren (Time Travellers, included) Miss No Label proudly presents... '10 reasons why you *SHOULD* date a Traveller’

Personal Space aka ‘ME TIME’ To quote Syed Ahmed, ‘You get space! All the space people always look for; they get it automatically when one dates a traveler.’ Do you really want someone who leaves no room for personal space or someone who is a pro at handling it? Travellers' respect anyone and everyone who needs their personal space like humans need oxygen to survive. They will not bombard you with unnecessary phone calls and texts and would always prefer having a conversation face to face. They will not get jealous or insecure just because you went partying without them. No more ‘Where are you?’;‘Who are you with?’ and the most dreaded ‘Are there boys/girls around?’ phone calls. *Shudders*

You’ll NEVER be bored The word boredom truly doesn’t exist in a Travellers' dictionary. Your life would become chaotic, adventurous and maybe tiring, but never boring! Celebrating a milestone together? They’d take you Scuba diving. Shekhar, a friend of mine, took his wife on a 14 day trek, for their honeymoon. I thought he would get divorced by the time they’d come back. Instead, she made the mountains her home away from home. Even Netflix and Chill will be full of exotic movies and documentaries they picked up on the go. Plus, even though they have some of the best stories to tell, they’re even better listeners. *Call them…. NOW!*

Romance Overload When most people worry about the future and its complications, the traveller knows the value of ‘living in the moment’. Be prepared to be bombarded with grand romantic gestures; even if you are parting ways the very next day. Some might write a poem in your honour, or maybe a song. Some might just end up giving you, a family heirloom; as a reminder of their existence. They invest their time and make efforts for you, without any expectations in return, if that isn’t romantic, what is? Like Sonam says, “The last guy I dated was a traveller. He was independent, free spirited, a dreamer, yet focused. It might have been short lived but trust me, I owe some of the best memories of my life, to him.” Right. In. The. Feels.

Exotic Experiences Guaranteed They’ll make you walk around ghost towns at midnight and wake you up at 3:30 am, for that perfect sunrise, over the hill. They’ll make you climb 300 stairs, for an isolated beach. Make you carry your own beer and then later, bring back the empty bottles too. You will swim in the Ocean with her by your side. You’ll try exotic cuisines and drinks. Cerveza, Bier, Bira, Ale, and Pivo will become your new favourite words. You will come back with stories to tell and tales to relive. I hope you’ll happily trade in your Oxfords for trekking shoes, comfort for adventure and throw caution to the wind.

Formidable Character To quote Vaibhav, “Travel gives her both, roses of memories and scars of muddy pits that she has conquered. She is courageous, humble and flexible. She has an inherent wisdom of living life from facing different geographical, cultural and social challenges and she knows life is much bigger a narrative than your everyday ‘urban world’ issues of being stuck in traffic. Can go through the unknown with much ease” Courage? Check. Humility? Check. Flexibility? Check. Wisdom? DOUBLE CHECK.

They’ll bring the world to you Travellers' understand life from a broader perspective. Race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or the lack of one, will always be overlooked for your personality and perspective in life. They’ll challenge your preconceived notions and widen your friends' circle, by introducing people from all walks of life. From Pakistan to Panama, be prepared to have people with different country codes in your contact list. Added Bonus? You’ll learn to say motherf*#ker in about 5 different languages!

Brilliant Judge of Character City after city, state after state, and country after country, they have met people of all shapes and sizes. From innocent wallflowers to criminal psychopaths (I’ll tell you that story, later). They learn to read faces. They steer clear of unnecessary drama, and boring people. If they want to keep you around, congratulations, you must be an interesting person!

They are good with money To quote Payal Shandil Gupta, “Travelling requires a lot of money, so they know how to stretch a dollar. They always know the best place to get the perfect cup of tea or lunch. Also, a thing or two about the latest fashion – on a budget.” As a baniya, who travels, this should be my super power.

Gifts from around the world Be prepared for exotic gifts from every corner of the world. Souvenirs from everywhere will start adorning the walls of your room, office, car and every other place you can think of. From artisan chocolates to hand written postcards from the Arctic Circle, you’ll have it all. Plus, there’s *always* duty-free cigarettes and a lot of fancy alcohol.

Because no one else will ever compare “She was like a breath of fresh air in my monotonous life. Used ticket stubs and old maps meant more to her than expensive, materialistic gifts. Every time she would go away, she would come back a different person. Her hair would be different, her skin, tanned and her stories? Delicious. It was the hardest break up ever, but one that I will never regret." ~ Anonymous And… With that beautiful quote from a friend of mine, I think I am done for the day. (For feedback, please mail us at

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